Celebrity Make up brands? Are we getting fed up?


When Rihanna brought up ‘Fenty Beauty’ I wont lie, I was in! and it was a sensation. She changed the make up game. with 50 shades of foundation, she appealed to absolutely everyone. It was something new, it was something flash, its inclusive and even the pricing was in line. She was not in competition with the likes of Lancome and Dior. I feel she respected that and in turn respected her consumers.


My first purchase being the Stunna lip paint which I’m sure I bought for just under £20. You know my love for all things red.

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Since Rihanna, we have had immense number of celebrities following suit- from Kylie Jenner to Victoria Beckham to Selena Gomez, and it seems like its not stopping. Actually now these very same celebrities are going into the Skincare game.

This month alone we have Kim Kardashian with her SKKN (which I’m tempted to buy, but I know her pricing will not suit me) to Hailey Bieber (which doesn’t sit straight with me at all)


With celebrities it seems like they all go through some sort of follow the leader type trend. When one makes a perfume- they all follow. When one does a make up brand, well I guess then everyone is following along, and now Skincare….

Its just come to a point- where I feel I want to scrap it it all and go back to good old Clinique. It may be boring but it did do a fantastic job.

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With a global value of £530+ Billion, the Beauty industries growth has been due to social media and beauty influencers. In total there are over 130 make up and beauty brands, the thing that needs to be questioned is, “What are the celebrities offering that has not been offered before- apart from their Name?

Celebrity skin care brands kind of promise that the products will give you the same polished skin as your favourite celebrity. But we all really know that they achieved their glow with the help of the world’s best dermatologists. Yet some of us still fall for it. Or do we?


It begs to questions whether the celebrities actually understand their customers- some of the pricing are so unbeleivably expensive, it feel out of reach and also a little uncomfortable.

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For me the Whole celebrity make up/skin care is going to come to a crash, it feels too over saturated, and too much competition each one claiming they are ‘Unique’ without offering anything unique.

But two brands that I feel are here to stay are Fenty Beauty and Rare Beauty.…. everything else, well it just feels a little commercialised, and now with Hailey Bieber…. a little too desperate too.

What are your thoughts on Celebrity Make up/Skin care brands? are you in or out?

Which ones are your favourite Celebrity brands?

Love and Regards


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