CarBoot with Pops… It’s a Date.


“Make sure you wear jeans and trainors” he said before he put the phone down. Im starting to think this was not a good idea.

The hubby was going for his “Poker Weekend” ( I think you’ve figured by now that he’s poker obsessed) basically group of men, hire out a cottage- and play poker all day and night- for a full weekend. Crazy right? Ye I think so too. But I’m not complaining, that means a full weekend of me doing nothing. And when I say nothing. I mean nothing. The last time he went away I finished the whole of ‘Money Heist’ series on Netflix over the 3 days/2 nights. (You have to watch it! Sooo good!) The most I do is get up to answer the door to the takeout from deliveroo (I really am awful!).

But this time I called the pops and told him I’m free if he needs me for anything… And he tells me we should have some time out together. Just me and him. A Date with Pops.

I was looking forward to this, I think I really needed this. Not had a pops date in years. Ye we get together, I see him once a week minimum with everyone else in the family, but never alone. I receive atleast 20 videos/ messages from him throughout the day. Each day. Every day (*rolls eye*), which i never bother to open but send a 👍 just so he thinks I’ve watched it. …So I was excited. Untill ….

He tells me he’ll pick me up at 8 in the morning and that I should wear my trainors!

Doesn’t he know that I’m a afternoon tea type of person? With anxiety and a cuppa in my hand I awaited the beep of his car horn. At 8 on a Sunday morning (big yawn).

I’m not usually use to being driven around- apart from the hubby when we go on our family trip. I’m usually the driver. Evan when I go with my mum and dad. I drive. So today felt nice being driven around. (Good start Pops)

And where did he take me?

Yup. We ended up at Croft car boot sale in Leicester. A 20 mins drive away from my home. “Let me know if you want anything ma, it’s on me” he said and made his way through the masses of junk everywhere….

Initially I was reeling inside, I woke up early for this? I could’ve finished off Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince at home- I was watching this last night but fell asleep half way through. (I’m the type who watches this over and over and over ) Oh God. I was so glad it wasn’t raining!

But then I started enjoying myself. People sell anything and everything, like literally. And everyone is so friendly. Couple of them knew the Pops- as he did his rounds and said hello. Baskets were going for £1.50 and above. Where was this place when I was doing my event planning. I could’ve saved a hell of alot of money.

I ended up stopping Pops to go see stuff, it was quite funny because pops didn’t know what I would make of it.

Then I saw these above, I just remember laughing and I just had to take a picture. These are the gift bags you get when you travel on first class flights on British Airways. It’s a gift bag by ‘The White Company’.The hubby had the privilege of flying first class on a trip- and I remember he brought back 2 of these for the boys (he asked for another one from the stewardess) . We were fascinated. These lovely travel pouches- and inside was socks, eye masks, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste. Absolutely lovely little gifts…we were so fascinated. The boys kept them, and use them when we go abroad, And here’s boxes and boxes of them at £1 each. I wonder where the bloke got them from?

This is what you get inside each pack.

We carried on walking up and down each aisle, then I spotted these

The absolute love of my life. Books. 3 for £2.50. some of them were brand new. I just had to have them.

Some of the stuff was amazing. Like tables for £5- these are usually £40 inside stores. I didn’t need it, but I sure was tempted. If I had the space, I defo would bought 1 or 2 or maybe more.

It definately worked out to be a great date. Thanks Pops, and I’ll definately be going back…. Maybe not so soon like. But I will be going back.

I’m actually thinking of doing a clear out myself and make a day of it one day. The stuff people were buying and selling, I’m sure my junk will go….. It’ll have to be with the Pops ofcourse. Let’s see when the weather gets better.

For now I’ll be catching up with these. Can’t believe I got the lot for £5. And if their not good. I’ll put it in my box for my next car boot sale.

Love and regards


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