Birthday Boi in Manchester


One of the greatest things about Sabina is that she finds the most amazing deals. When she watsapped me a poster of ‘Crystal Maze’ Live experience in Manchester, I had answered yes before she Evan asked when. She found the deal on Wowcher at £25 per person. (Normal price being from £44.99 depending on dates)

The younger Boi, Adil was turning 13 and first thing that came to my mind is this is the perfect gift for him. (And I was not wrong). We rounded up our group of 7 ( we needed 8, but bought full vouchers as worked out better) and settled on a date (after a hell of alot of mixups, and date changing- it gets hard when everyone has work and kids to cater for)

Having booked it for 4.30, we had enough time to run a few errands in the morning, and set off at 12.30. Our journey was from Leicester to Manchester. Wanting to make a day of it, we decided to leave early so that we can get lunch in before the start of our game.

Knowing that Katija is with us we left the decision of lunch to her, and she did what she does best… She knew where we would park our cars, where we would eat, how long we could stay in restaurant, and also how to get to Crystal maze and back- without the worry of time…. And she did it all brilliantly.

And Venue wise… We couldn’t have had a better place. We ended up at ‘Kai’ on Deansgate. Which is a Turkish Meze bar and Grill. On entering the place we were amazed. It was stunning. So much detail and attention.

Preety Bar
Ceiling full of flowers dropping into sharp black and white flooring.
Rich leather seating.

The name ‘Kai’ is a turkish name, and comes from the famous ‘Kayi Tribe’ who are known to be the original founding fathers of the Ottoman Empire. With the world going ‘Resurrection Ertrugrul’ ( netflix series/ Game of Thrones halalified) crazy, and all of us being big fans, It started our day off just right, but it wasn’t just a preety place, the food was finger licking too, so much taste, flavours and aromas.

Adana and Sheesh kebabs.
Lunch menu offered these platters at £8
Kofte burger from lunch menu.

After filling out bellies, and taking the most instagrammable pics ever, we headed off for Crystal maze. With Google maps on, we started on our short 15 minute walk towards our destination

Minus a few…
The excitement as we got close
Always a selfie, this time with the lovely Noor.

Unfortunately we are not allowed any photos or photography inside the event itself, which is such a downfall. The closest I got is the changing rooms, we did get 2 photos within the place itself as part of the package.

Can I just say what a good time we had. All of us. The whole experience from beginning to end was amazing. It felt as though we were actually in the show- all we needed was the camera crew.

It is so much more larger than life inside the maze, no expenses have been spared in making it. The music as you run through the tunnels to move from one area to another makes you want to run faster, the game master with his wacky personality bringing the game to life. Each and every game was fantastic, all living up to the dream. We had laughs, tears, swearing ( much to the amusement of my boys who had never heard their Aunt swear. They see her in a different light now ) and joy. We spent around an hour and a half in here, but it felt as though we were here all day because it took us to a world away from this world.

The team in Aztec.

Proud to say I won the team a crystal, and we got 5 crystals in total, with one lock in. We were well impressed with that. Then came the crystal dome the highlight of the whole thing. We took our places in the dome . When the game master said ” will you start the fans please?” We allowed the gold tickets to fly around us and on hearing the whistle we started collecting frantically, each on our mission. Best 25 seconds of my life.

Team: Reflection

How did the Boi find it? Well I already knows what he wants for his birthday next year.

On the way home, our journey felt short and sweet, with constant laughter and jokes about the event. It really was an out of world experience made for any age. If you are ever going Manchester- make sure you book this in. It’s an experience not to be missed.



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