Cougar Brand Cosmetic Review……Let’s take a look Inside.

I was looking for beauty boxes, that was offering something a little different. Most beauty boxes have similar products inside, and of course I love the whole concept of a beauty box but I was just generally surfing as you do and I came across this….cougar brand cosmetic review. Intrigued, curious, suspicious,… For a £10, […]

Endometriosis- My Struggle.

Had the most perfect day today. Having recovered from Covid19- just knowing that we are now in Boris Johnson’s ‘Herd Immunity’ group has been a relief to my family. The anxiety of not knowing when Covid would hit us, and also how we would cope with it, is no longer an issue. We have overcome […]

Product Pick of the Month: Lancome Advanced Genifique Serum(Sensitive)

This month is dedicated to Lancome Advanced Genifique Serum (sensitive) The first time I bought makeup ( I was in my very late 20’s, I flourished really late.) I went into Debenhams and I was introduced to many make up brands. I allowed myself to be pampered by all the brand’s, and words were thrown […]

CoronaVirus Got Me. My Experience with Covid- 19..

One thing I have learnt whilst contracting the Coronavirus is that it is a different experience for everyone who goes through it……and this is the reason why we are facing these uncertain times, because nobody has one set experience. It is so tricky to understand who has Coronavirus and who is going through a normal […]

How to Create the Ultimate Canape Party….

So we decided to invite a few people over for lunch, by We I mean me and Afsha, by few people I mean my friends and her friends, and when I say lunch I mean…………..its time for a …..Canape Party! because that what we do best! We have a problem, me and Afsha that is, […]

Granola and Yogurt just got Sexy!

Granola and Yogurt

Granola and Yogurt EASY healthy breakfast made from layers of sweet vanilla yogurt and berries With this whole lockdown thing, people are going a little crazy. Initially we thought it’d be 3 months, so Dalgona and Banana loaf cakes were on the menu daily. Everyone started cooking and baking at home. 5 months into the […]


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