Are we really ready to give up Skinny Jeans?

Are we really ready to give up Skinny jeans? Like really?

I know the Gen Z have had enough- but I’m a millennial, I still love me some skinny jeans. Especially at the time of the month- they are the best and most comfiest to wear and everything just feels like its in place.

It probably is- because the skinny jeans don’t really give us much space to breathe.

I get The Gen Z Debate- its about getting away from the Silhouette figure us Millennial’s have seen on our screens, magazines, laptops, flyovers that has been programmed into our brains. The unrealistic and unattainable hourglass figure we crave for from having the Kardashians on our Instagram Feed every single second……

But here’s the Thing Gen Z…..

……I’m 5 foot 3 and these other styles are just not doing me any justice.

When I wear a pair of skinny jeans, I feel tall, skinny, my legs look long. Somehow my butt also looks tighter and in shape and lifted.

The Mum Jeans….. well the name says it all. Right?!

I look like a mum- and although I am a mum- I’m in some sort of denial ( as majority of us Millennial’s are).

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Having said that Gen Z- I appreciate that this is to do with my conditioning. The conditioning from the media for the past 15/20 years- the images of what I consider looks ‘feminine’ and ‘pretty’ and ‘sexy’ and I am trying. Honestly I am.

But my Height just doesn’t do me any justice at all.

So for the Millennial’s who are struggling. (Like me!). Gen Z have the right idea by far!

We do need to get away from the socially conditioned images of the female body, but since we are doing it slowly (because of age you see, its not on our side). Here’s a few fits that I think still work pretty well with the skinny and we may just…. may just….. (*coughs, rolls eyes*) may just get away with…..

This may just well be my ultimate ‘time of the month’ look. Nothing more comfortable than a pair of trainers, skinny jeans and a nice warm oversized sweater vest.

There’s something really chic about skinny jeans with oversized trenches, and heels. You don’t think? I mean it does have a classy ‘I’m off out with the girls‘ look.

And who knows if it’s time of the month- wear the sweater vest underneath. Who’s watching?

Oversized Linen Shirt? This has to be my favourite outdoor BBQ outfit, it’s loosing the silhouette look- without loosing the silhouette look. There’s something cute about the bottom 6 inches on your legs wrapped in skinny jeans.

Ok, Ok- so who’s idea was it to get rid of skinny jeans?

I mean look at this… that’s all 5’3 of me- looking well over 6 foot! The oversized top helps to get rid of the minimal curves I have- but OMG! I’m keeping these babies for a while longer.

However if you see me wearing these into my 50’s, please please for the life of me. Feel free to shake me up a bit.

Add a oversized blazer- and let the legs do the talking…..

So Gen Z although I’m not just quite ready to burn my skinny jeans.

I will try to adjust to a newer form of the body. All thanks to you guys! Keep being positive! Keep being brave and Keep fighting for all of us!

Shall we move on to the middle hair parting? Because I have a permanent side parting that won’t go no matter how much I comb over it? And I don’t like the way it looks on me. Is that so wrong?….. *huffs* keeping up is hard.

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Love and regards


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