An Evening at Aqua Sana Sherwood Forest Spa.


20 years down- Forever to go. I really can’t believe that we hit the 20 year mark- nope that sound wrong (*Oopsie. Cringe*)- Obviously I knew we would hit the 20 Year anniversary, I just didn’t think it would come round so fast.

I’ve officially spent more of my life with my hubby than with my parents. How bizzare does that sound?

I’ve been wanting to try out The Aqua Sana Sherwood Forest Spa in a while, but with my absolute jam packed diary, it’s quite difficult. Oh and Age, Lets not forget Age, I need a few days to recover after a day out, therefore I have to cut off resting days in the diary.

The Dude asked me what I wanted, with the turmoil of the past year, the answer for me was easy “I just want to sit in a Jacuzzi”. That’s it. That’s all I said.

I did get a “We have a Jacuzzi Upstairs” comment from him, but after 20 years selective deafness is a skill we all need to entertain.

Aqua sana sherwood forest

The dude booked us in for a evening at the Aqua Sana Sherwood Forest Spa and I couldn’t be more happier. The perfect treat for me. I can’t work him out to be honest, I don’t really know if he likes spas or not. But I put up with him for 20 years- so ill take this with 2 hands and whole body dipped in a Jacuzzi. Thank you.

Why Aqua Sana Sherwood Forest?

Firstly its in Sherwood Forest- an actual forest guys- can their be anything more tranquil than that?

The scene is set when you park your car and you have to walk through a long path with ginormous (Yes, I said ginormous. Is that a real word? On google? Is it?) trees on either side encapsulating us, taking us to a world away from traffic, fumes, busy bodies into bird songs, and the rustling of leaves and breath of fresh clean air…. and we haven’t even gone inside yet.

We decided to go for the twilight taster which is full use of all the facilities. Between the hours of 5.30-9.00 it worked out perfect for us so we both just went in for half a day at work.

On arrival we are given towels, fluffy robe, slippers and wristband for the locker keys.

The changing rooms are big and clean- mostly its a communal changing room (separate for male and female) but their were a few cubicles for extra privacy if needed.

The changing rooms also have toilets,showers, mirrors, hair dryers. So you can pretty much dress yourself up properly before you leave.

aqua sana sherwood forest spa changing rooms.

Whats makes Aqua Sana Sherwood Forest different?

Aqua Sana Sherwood Forest offers 25 experiences all inspired by nature, here’s a list of them all that I managed to take a photo off.

aqua sana sherwood forest 25 experiences

No Camera Zone (Shhhhhhhh *Big Wink*)

No camera Zone- Aqua Sana Sherwood Forest is a no camera zone and trust me when I say a no- camera zone I mean it. I had a little telling off a few times. I did get a few pictures (naughty me) but only very quick photos in between. Ill also be putting a few pics from the actual Aqua Sana Instagram page so that you can visualise it properly.

As a blogger this is a serious downfall for me. As a person who wants to go to a spa, It could not be any more better- not one person with a phone, no poses- no tiktok virals, no screaming teenagers. (Just me! sorry guys) Yes. It was bliss.

Foot Bath

We started our journey with the Foot bath– and its set in its own little enclosed area, this was probably the best way to start as its a warm up for the other rooms. After spending a little time here I was instantly ready for the day ahead.

Nature Showers at Aqua Sana Sherwood Forest

Every area had a shower feature, from the rainforest walk, to waterfalls to volcanic mists.

aqua sana sherwood forest natural shower experience

Ice and Fire Caves

You guys do know that I literally took a quick snap of the Ice cave and I was out. Of course you do. I don’t do cold.

The scandinavian snug was heaven. I grabbed a blanket and snuggled into a couch and just watched the flickering of the large fire in the centre of the room. That is until the hubby poked me and said “Is that it? Ain’t there no telly here?”.

Yes Guys. 20 years strong.

There were a couple of areas around Aqua Sana that offered similar but with the seating/lounging different, like the Fireside relax with its large wicker chairs to drift into.

Sleeping Pods

After all that relaxing- what do we need? More relaxing and the Sweet Slumber provided us with that, these beds were warm and contoured to our body.

But the sleeping pods I loved the most were the Deep Relax. These were water beds surrounded by a wall of candles, and once again the blankets were at the ready. I swear I even had a power nap on these without realising.

Aqua sana sherwood forest deep relax experience

More slumber beds were placed inside and outside for relaxing and star gazing.

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Hot Tubs at Aqua Sana

With Covid this was a hard one- I think people are more reserved than pre-covid days. so although its great because we don’t get people sharing the tub with us, and we manage to capture a picture without anyone else photo bombing.

Its a bit of a chore to wait to go and see when its free, and run in to get to it first.

aqua sana sherwood forest hot tub

Set at 40 degrees outside surrounded by trees, it was amazing. I could’ve sat here until I turned wrinkly- but we saw the queues of people waiting and had to do our five minutes and leave. (Damn You Covid)


There are a few saunas scattered around the spa.

The rooftop sauna is meant to be a special feature we went on up. The view from the top was magical.

But as you can see it was getting dark, and so once inside the Sauna we saw nothing. It was too dark, and the reflection of the light off the glass meant we were seeing ourselves sitting in a sauna. So one thing to be mindful of guys is check out the sauna before it gets dark. But I pulled off a picture from Instagram for you all to see.

Outdoor heated Pool

In the centre of it all was the outdoor heated pool surrounded by greenery. Set at a temperature of 35 degrees, it was bliss. At the end of the pools they had Jacuzzi which went on and off every 20 minutes.

We booked the Aqua Sana in Sherwood Forest which is the closest one to us. We went for the twilight taster which runs from 5.30 to 9 for full use of spa facilities at £75 per person. Treatment’s were at an additional price but we opted not to go for them this time as just wanted to get a taste of the spa itself.

My Honest Verdict

I loved it- I can’t deny that. I just found that it was at the higher end of the price spectrum and all we got are the full use of facilities. As a friend genuinely pointed out to me ” For £75 you don’t even get a cup of tea!”.

Their are other spas which are similar in price but always offer either dinner or a lunch, and to be honest after this day we were absolutely starved and we were stuck in Centreparcs somewhere. I don’t need to tell you anymore.

The best chance of getting something to eat would be to head off home and stop at a food joint which we did.

Having said that I would go again- but i’ll just be keeping an eye out for the offers.

To book Aqua Sana click here.

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Love and regards


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Transparency: All opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way at all.

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