Afternoon Tea on a Bus? Brigit’s Bakery has the Answer.


With the restrictions lifting, or should I say Ever changing, Sabina decided to book me in for an overnight stay in London as a late Birthday present. Do I say no to London? Ever? Nope and so off we went.

The first thing booked in was Afternoon Tea- Obviously- because what is a London trip without Afternoon Tea? Especially when with the girls. But this was not just any Afternoon Tea, This was Afternoon Tea on a Bus.

The Afternoon Tea Bus

Not just any Bus either- on this super cool quintessentially London 1960’s bright red double decker bus! How damn Cool. Have I ever mentioned I have the bestest of friends?

Could there be a better way in which to explore London? Whilst being driven around the most famous and prominent landmarks of London we got to enjoy our finger sandwiches and Tea. I could not have been happier.

The bus was decorated with Christmas decoration’s making it more magical.

The Bus leaves from Victoria street station, which was ideal for us as we had come by coach. So it was just a matter of getting off one coach, freshening up, grabbing a Starbucks and waiting for our brand spanking shiny bright red double decker bus to turn up.

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In terms of service I must say they were spot on- the bus was late and we got a call straight away whilst waiting, ‘don’t panic and it’ll be a half hour wait’. We watched as one by one, everyone who was waiting in the queue received a phone call too. 100% for customer service here guys!

Also the Afternoon tea on the bus tour caters to all dietary requirements from gluten, vegan, veggie and halal requirements. We went for the Vegetarian- as really can never go wrong with Veggie right?

Once everyone was seated on the bus and I’m not joking when I say it was like going on a school trip, all excitement and chatter and the steward ticking our names off on his flip board. The trip started.

I just need to add every seat had a blanket- and this may just have been the highlight as it was a freezing cold day! Bravo Brigit!

Inside the Bus

Everything is already set out on the table for you, we each had our own 2 tier stand which was glass by the way adding to the experience and making it more special, and exclusive. Add the added Christmas specials of Christmas cracker and candy! ‘Its the most wonderful time of the Year’

So you can pretty much start eating straight away- Sabina got straight onto the case- whilst I took the Pics- glad we had our own stands at this moment to be honest (*love you sweetie, wouldn’t change you for the world*- but! Pictures first! ALWAYS)

After a quick introduction and safety instruction, the teas were being served, and there was quite a big selection.

Tea were served in these super cute thermos cups. I mean dang! How damn cute! which is perfect really, as we all know tea in a cup on anything motion can be tricky. But this kept the tea warmer for longer and also no worries over spillages and burning ourselves, apart from the initial sip of course.

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What did we get?

From the vegetarian menu we got

  • Lettuce, Tomato and Cream Cheese Burger type Sandwich
  • Baby Tomato, and mozzarella cheese sandwich
  • Cucumber and Cream Cheese with Mint sandwich
  • Cheese sandwich

Mid service we were each given Savoury Muffin with Feta, Peppers & Sun-dried tomato, which was so nice and warm, almost like it had just come out of the oven.

Warm freshly baked scone’s with clotted cream and jam were also given mid service.

For desserts we got the following which was all festively decorated:

  • Lemon Meringue Tart
  • Mini Chocolate cupcake
  • Raspberry and Coconut choux
  • Caramel & Apple sable Breton

The route

I’ll name the ones that had the most impact on me, we went past Big Ben, Harrods, The Ritz,Royal Albert Hall, Marble Arch, Trafalgar Square and a quick drive past the walls of Buckingham Palace- we were not allowed to drive through that road as it was a Double Decker bus and the Queen doesn’t want anyone overlooking her garden! (**pulls a sour face**) Fancy having her as a neighbour. No actually I’m a royalist, and I love her- but like Your Majesty get a grip!

For full route details click here

The tour lasts 90 minutes in total.

My Verdict!

I absolutely loved it. The food was nice, 100 percent on customer service, the staff were delightful and funny and courteous and attended to our needs. The tour was spot on, all the way down to the blankets to keep us warm! I cant fault it and I would recommend it to anyone in a minute.

Also they let us keep the thermos as a Christmas present! I had my eye on it, and was going to ask them when I left the bus, so I was over the moon. Its now sitting as a memorabillia. And any left overs can be packed up and taken home in these cute packaging.

The bus tour with afternoon tea is for £45.oo per person, The bus leaves from 3 locations, and caters for different dietary requirements some are at an additional charge but only like £3 extra.

Bubbly and other drinks can be bought on the bus at an additional charge, please reserve this in at time of booking.

Allow 90 minutes for whole trip- however London traffic can be a pain- so allow to adjust half hour either way just in case.

And lastly a Quick Thank You to my Soul Sister Sabina for this amazing trip- of which this was just the beginning. She always finds the most quirkiest of places, right up my street. Thank You a million

To book yourself in to Bridgets Bus click here.

Click here for more of our London Adventures– Climb the O2)

Love and regards


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