Afternoon Tea at the Sunborn Yacht Hotel in London


Another day in London means another Afternoon Tea spot obviously. And to keep things simple, Sabina had booked us in for Afternoon Tea at the Sunborn Yacht Hotel in London.

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So now I can confirm, I’ve stayed overnight in a yacht and I have had Afternoon Tea in a yacht too. The fact that it was moored, doesn’t need to come into it, its still a floating hotel.

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After Breakfast we jumped onto the Emirates car cables and spent the day shopping at the O2. Afternoon Tea after a day of shopping was needed, and so we jumped back on to the cables and made our way back to the Sunborn yacht hotel.

Once again I was blown away, as soon as you enter the yacht hotel you leave the hustle and bustle of London behind. And the entrance feels just like a Cruise ship should, with the spiral glass staircase and grand chandelier

Afternoon Tea is served at The Lands End restaurant, and we managed to get a seat with a view. A view of the London rain pouring down, but nevertheless its a view right?

The Land Ends Restaurant

The overall look of the restaurant is very vintage, the blue carpets with the anchors, the wooden tables, combination straight up chairs, mirrored ceilings, all with gold warm tones, dimly lit, warm.

It almost has a Gentlemen’s room feeling, like I was expecting a couple of men in tuxedos with cigars to walk through with bourbon glasses. (Yes. I am visualising a scene from the Titanic)

Drinks Menu

The afternoon tea at the Sunborn comes with a bubbly- obviously we don’t have alcohol, so the waitress helped us out with some non-alcoholic fizz to start.

For teas their was a selection of 4 available, 2 types of coffees, and hot chocolate was also offered. I always go for the box standard English breakfast to start , and if I feel inventive we had a option to change it midway.

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Sandwiches and Scones

I don’t think I’ve ever had this many options of sandwiches in a vegetarian afternoon tea.

for sandwiches we had

  • Spiced tofu sandwiches,
  • Mature chedder cheese and chutney,
  • Classic cucumber with yoghurt dill and chive,
  • Avocado with cream cheese
  • Red cabbage with spiced tofu.

We had super warm scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam, they were so soft, warm and buttery.

Sweet treats

And the top tier and the prettiest was a selection of sweet treats

  • Rhubarb Panna Cotta,
  • Chocolate Ganache Brownie,
  • Almond Tart
  • Macaroons.

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My Verdict

I loved the environment, the overall look, it actually felt like we were on a cruise. I love that they have kept the whole vintage look of a cruise ship, the dim colours and masculine 1900’s kinda vibes.

The afternoon tea was really nice, I loved the creativity of the sandwiches which is usually rare when you go for vegetarian afternoon tea. The scones were warm and fresh which always is a bonus. Tea and drinks were topped up on request, and the desserts were delectable.

The customer service was second to none, the lady that served us was warm, friendly and attentive to our needs.

Altogether an absolute fabulous day, and I would recommend Afternoon Tea here in a heartbeat. Even if it is just to see the Interior and get the fabulous photo at the staircase.

If you can book it on a warm day when the suns shining, I’m sure Afternoon Tea on the deck overlooking the Thames and Canary Wharf would be out of this world

Afternoon Tea at the Sunborn is £35 per person and can be booked here.

Click here for the Sunborn Yacht Hotel’s Instagram page

Have you been to the Sunborn Yacht hotel? How did you find it?

Love and regards


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