Afternoon Tea at Stapleford Park


My first ever Afternoon Tea was at Stapleford Park, A decade ago. After this day, the rest was history.

Katija took me to Stapleford Park for Afternoon Tea to celebrate something. I’m not quite sure what as we seem to celebrate A LOT of things, but it was one of those celebratory days.

A Decade Later she wants to Celebrate yet again, this time her launch of her new collection for @opujewels, and so once again she booked us in for Afternoon Tea at none other than Stapleford Park.

I was excited. This place brings up a lot of memories for me.

My love for Afternoon Tea, and I wanted to see if it still conjures up the same magic it did 10 years ago.

It Did!

Set the Scene

The breathtaking grounds, brought back all the nostalgia of our last visit, and I was transported back in time. Only difference, this time, I knew what I was here for.

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We were the first ones in, which gave us a look of the place in all its olden day charisma. The elegance and historian charm took us to a different era. An era of luxury, richness, extravagance with dark wooden, rich carpets, plump pillows, featured fireplaces, and tapestry. Every corner a sight to take in.

Afternoon Tea takes place in the drawing room, straight out from a bridgerton series, with its large coloumn windows, fringed seating, and dusky preety palette of pinks and greens.

We were booked in for the halal afternoon tea.

Afternoon Tea at Stapleford Park

We started off with tea, with a variety of teas to choose from, just the way I like it from black tea, earl grey, masala chai to fruit and herbal teas. the variety was huge….. obviously after oohing and aahing, I opted for english breakfast. No better option.

For sandwiches, we had a selection from a salmon and cucumber yoghurt sandwich, to egg mayonnaise, spring onion and chive x2, and a roasted chicken with mayonnaise.

It was nice, really nice. I felt they gave too many egg sandwiches, maybe because I’m not too much of a fan of egg. The others were quite happy with it.

Then came my favourite part, a selection of Plain & Fruit Scones, Served with Rhubarb & Ginger Jam & Clotted Cream

Yum. What’s the rule, guys? Yes, I heard you.

Cream first. Always

And for dessert, we had macarons, mango trifle cake slice, lemon tart, and chocolate brownie topped with buttercream.

My Verdict

A blast from the past, and still in my number one spot of afternoon teas in the Midlands.

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I loved everything, from the drive in, to the open setting to the selections of teas and the food (minus egg sandwich)

It is perfection, and I still understand why I fell in love a decade ago.

Stapleford Park sits in Melton Mowbray. Afternoon tea at Stapleford Park is £35 per person and increases according to requirements.

To book yourself in to Stapleford Park. Click here.

To check out the Opu Jewel range click here.

Have you been to Stapleford Park?

How did you find it? What is your best afternoon tea?

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Transparency: All thoughts and opinions are my very own and have not been influenced in any way at all.

Love and regards

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