Afternoon Tea at Coombe Abbey


It’s not my first time, and it won’t be my last time either. Coombe Abbey sits in the country estate of Warwickshire/ Coventry, surrounded by 500 acres of landscapes and greenery it’s a cry away from the bustling Coventry city.

Katija took me. Did I mention that she first introduced me to Afternoon Tea? and the rest is history. Yes, I have? Ok well get use to hearing it on every Afternoon Tea post. Its a standard now.

It was the 3 of us again, me, Sabina and Katija a must needed catch up on a weekday afternoon whilst the kiddos in school. Something we must make more time for.

Afternoon Tea at Coombe Abbey

What makes an Afternoon Tea at Coombe Abbey special for me all starts with the drive in, when you drive in, a cobbled type of road lined with trees touching the sky, you already know your stepping into royalty.

As you drive down you start to catch glimpses of the beautiful abbey, and a walk along a bridge over a moat makes the grand entrance.

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The entrance to the Abbey transforms us into a different era, with rich mahogany furniture. Monuments and figurines embracing the entrances, and thick rich floor rugs. The corridors are reminiscent of the vaulted ceiling you would traditionally find in abbeys and castles.

The baroque wallpaper with hard wood flooring, period features and dim lighting, all setting the scene.

The Garden room

Afternoon tea takes place in the garden room, a complete transformation. Light and airy. Set in a large conservatory, gone is the gothic look and atmosphere. Incoming pale green walls complimenting the greenery outside, tableware lined with linen tablecloth, Indoor greenery at various posts, and the chatter and soft voices of people enjoying their afternoon tea.

We were taken to our seats pretty much straight away, and the silverware and cutlery reminiscent of the Chinese era sat awaiting us. I must admit that this has to be my favourite of ‘China’. It makes the whole experience feel ‘rich’, with age and opulence.

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English Breakfast is always a must to start off with, after this I opted for the Moroccan mint.

Afternoon Tea Stand

And now for the big deal- the Afternoon Tea stand.

I’ve always had a love for stands, I know that few venues prefer to hand out on plates- but for me a stand is the masterpiece and Coombe Abbey did not fail here.

A mix match of plates hosted our mini sandwiches, scones, and desserts. We went for the vegetarian option, which gave us the cucumber and crème fraiche sandwich, sundried tomato and pesto sandwich, and a salmon with mayo sandwich with a vegetarian quiche.

The scones were delectable and warmish (I like them when they keep them in linen as it keeps the heat in), but this was still good.

Remember folks- Cream first! Always

And for desserts we had mini Battenberg’s, a caramel cream Poufs (my favourite), raspberry sorbet, and a chocolate mousse inside a chocolate cup.

Overall Verdict

As I’ve mentioned- it’s not my first time, and it won’t be my last time either. I absolutely love it here. From the service to the décor to the Afternoon Tea. It’s pure perfection.

Kudos to the staff who came running after us when we forgot our extremely pretty looking doggie bag.

Afternoon Tea at Coombe Abbey starts at £30pp, their are 4 types available and prices vary between them.

Click Here: To book yourself in for Afternoon Tea at Coombe Abbey

Have you been to Coombe Abbey? what are your favourite spots for Afternoon Tea?

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Love and Regards

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