Afternoon Tea at Cafe Makaan Leicester.


It was my brand spanking new sister in laws birthday. You should know her by now. She’s not so brand spanking new anymore, but he is the youngest brother, and so the title will stay on for a while longer.

We wanted to do a little something, a little local something. I had my eyes on Cafe Makaan for a little while, and it just seemed a little perfect for her birthday.

I gave them a call and booked myself, Afsha and Mariam in, for Afternoon tea for 2.

Cafe Makaan also has a private room which is available at an additional £25 with added extras.

I didn’t know what to expect.

But I was impressed.

Cafe Makaan Private room set up

Balloons set up all around, they had soft music playing, and screen’s shouting ‘Happy Birthday’.

It was the perfect smallest treat ever.

It was cosy and comfy, beautiful comfy couches, decoration pieces placed at various posts. Mirrors and soft music.

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My brand spanking new sister in law was quite impressed.

On entrance we had 2 cold Coffeetinis. (that’s what they called it)

Which after taking a million photos we sat down to have.

Afternoon tea at Cafe Makaan Leicester

And now for the afternoon tea, the bird cage stand was beautiful, with artificial flowers, it was a beauty.

With a candle on top. It was topped to perfection.

Afternoon tea at Cafe Makaan varies day to day, they don’t have a fixed menu, yet what you can expect is sandwiches, some savoury bites, scones and desserts.

And as in all of my afternoon tea posts…. say it after me…. cream first

Its different to standard Afternoon teas and I absolutely loved it. The savoury and the sweet complimented each other and the service…..Cafe Makaan you are a absolute delight. We were treated with care and hospitality throughout. 110% on customer service.

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We added extra drinks, as their were 3 of us, and a side of fries and Prawn Linguini. All of which was devoured.

They truly made the day special for her.

The Extra details

Cafe Makaan is halal, and Afternoon tea for 2 is at £35 per person

For the private room, its an additional £25 with balloons. Honestly so worth it when you want to add that extra little something.

Thank you Cafe Makaan for your hospitality. I can’t wait to visit you again.

For Cafe Makaan Leicester Web page click here

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Transparency: All thoughts and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

Love and Regards

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