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Hey You! Beautiful People, lets talk Modest Dressing….. Being a Modest dresser, swimwear has always been an issue for me, and I am sure I am not the only one, right guys? You know what I am talking about right?! We have all been there. All of us Modest dresser’s…..  We go on holiday…… and the headscarf comes off on the plane, because well…… we will be  wearing a swimming costume in the pool,  can’t possibly wear a scarf and fully clothed after…. everything has already been disclosed (Hides face in shame)……. But seriously It defeated the whole purpose of dressing modestly and for this reason I was a different person on holiday.

I am talking about the days when wearing leggings and t-shirt were seen as hazardous, we couldn’t go in the pool, and if we did…..’All eyes on us’ and I am not talking about the song here I genuinely mean ‘All eyes are on us’ and our leggings and oversized t-shirts….. who feels me? It was easier to go in naked than with clothes on! (*rolls eye*)

As I’ve grown older I’m becoming more and more conscious and uncomfortable with wearing a swimming costume. I was not being true to myself, to my faith or my beliefs,  and I found that I would not go into pools on holiday although I craved it. I sat on the side and watched everyone around me…….  Then came the rise of the modest swimming wear or ‘Burkini’s’ as we call it….. My time had finally come I remember buying my first one, it was black and pink and it covered me…………..

I felt more comfortable and I felt like I wasn’t betraying myself and my beliefs  but I did not feel attractive, I did not like the way I looked, I felt old and frumpy…. (I am old (sad face)……but frumpy not so much. I don’t think so anyway). I was pretty much the only person who wore this on holiday, and once again I fell into a despair and started sitting on the edge of pools not wanting to grab attention to myself…. that is until I found Lyra Swimwear….

Here comes the Research (Big wink like Jennifer Aniston in the Loreal advert) 

Ikram founded Lyra Swimwear in 2016, and with it, a brand reflective of the countless women who shared her frustrations. Stemming from various faiths, they all echoed the same sentiment — there simply were not options for modest swimwear.

The brand has since taken design influence from all over the world, marrying Hollywood’s classic elegance and Morocco’s beachside culture in the process. The result is a collection derived from richness, featuring minimal silhouettes that experiment with bold colours and patterns. Customers can purchase swimsuits as sets or separates, with the option to add turban-style swim caps that keep the head covered while still looking current and fresh…….

…And seriously there could not be a more glamourous modest swimwear available. The colours are beautiful, the styles are so flattering and complimentary, and depending on what modest means to you- you can show as much or as little as you want to. The designs are very flexible as to how you want to dress.

I purchased my first one from Lyra 2 years ago, since then I have bought another in a different colour and style. I feel comfortable, I feel stylish and now I know when ‘All eyes are on me’ its because I look Fabulous. Keep staring YO!

And its not only swimsuits that Lyra offer, they have swimwear separates available too, like Hijabs, Turbans, Leggings, Kaftans, so accessorise according to how you want to look. As mentioned I bought mine 2 years ago and to this day it still looks the same, the quality of the material regardless of how many times I have used it, is just as it was on the first day. 2 years later I still get asked about it making it worth every penny I paid for it, and its still as stylish as it was the first time I wore it, The designs are very classic, simple yet stylish and extravagant.

Lyra Swimwear made Holidays fun for me again, as Holidays should be.

To see the collection give a click here

Love and Regards


Transparency: This is a paid Advertorial, but all words, thoughts and opinions come from my own experiences.


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