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cbd boom dummies

If 2020 has taught me anything, it is self care- and the importance of it. Before 2020 I thought I was looking after myself, but with the lock down and the uncertainty of life I realised that I really wasn’t! it was all a visage, I was consumed in a world where I thought I was looking after myself….Lock Down helped me slow down and take time out for me.

One of the things that I have been looking into for self care is CBD, and CBD is all the rage at the moment, from oils, to skincare, to Gummies…. yup you saw that right, I said Gummies! and you guys know I love my Gummies (just ask my dentist, she will tell you!)

Cbd Boom Gummies

What is CBD? and How does it work?

I think we all know what CBD really is, but the real question is how it helps.

The CBD extract is taken for the non toxic part of the Marijuana plant, and it is infused into these Gummies obviously at the recommended amount for daily dosage. They will not give you a high (Unfortunately. HeHe. I didn’t say that ignore me! *Rolls eyes*) but rather help in various different ways for different peoples needs.

I have been using the CBD Boom Gummies to help with my iron deficiency, I have had iron deficiency since the age of 11, the winter months is where I struggle the most. Not a big fan of medicine I am always looking for alternatives and when I was offered these I had to give them a try.

The CBD Boom Gummies come in a resealable pack allowing the freshness to stay intact. I was given a 10mg pack which contains 20 Gummies in Mixed Fruit flavour. I have one daily as soon as I am ready to start my day, and its been just under a week so far and I have started to see a difference already. The difference coming in usually 30 minutes to an hour after consuming it. I feel more energetic, more active and have a healthier approach to the day with anxiety kept at bay.

CBD Boom Gummies

Why CBD Boom Gummies?

Well firstly why not? A family run business located in London out for our best interests. They themselves have been using CBD products to aid in sleeping aches and pain and saw the benefit and are sharing their research

Also the CBD Boom Gummies are: Vegan, Non-Gmo, and Gluten Free making it perfect for the ‘Halal’ Market.

CBD Boom Gummies

These CBD Boom Gummies can be bought at

A 10mg pack cost £19.99 but they do have offers on if you are going to be a regular user- so do check them out.

You can also find them on Instagram just here.

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Transparency: Although a Ad-Gifted Product all thoughts and opinions are my own, and have not been influenced in any way.

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