A Unique Stay in London. The Sunborn Yacht Hotel

After our fabulous meal at Coco’s restaurant we headed over to our stay for the night. My little bundle of joy had booked us in to The Sunborn Yacht Hotel.

The Sunborn Yacht Hotel can be found moored in the Royal Victoria Docks next to the Excel building.

I won’t lie, it took my breath away.

The entrance to the hotel is via lifts which open up to a beautiful large spiral staircase and huge dropping chandelier. All in a lightly dimmed golden glow- its a step away from the London we left behind at the lifts.

It was almost as if we had stepped back a few decades to what our imaginations think of a ‘Cruise Ship’.

This was it. I was on the Titanic (Well almost! A girl can dream! No No. The Titanic sunk, not really a dream I want! I take that back)

The Rooms

Once again my little bundle of joy had booked us in a double bed.

Although she won’t admit it, I’m sure she does this by purpose.

The room was huge.

A king sized bed, fitted furniture all in a rosewood finish adding to the reminiscence of a luxury cruise ship in the 1900’s. Maybe a bit later, I don’t know. I’m assuming. A Sofa and a coffee table facing a Television. A desk with notepads, books and minimal stationary.

You could tell that the room was made for guests who were in for a long stay.

In terms of Decoration.

It is a very dated hotel.

It feels as though once the Cruise ship was moored nothing had been updated.

The furniture, bedding, the whole mahogany/rosewood elements were very much like my mothers house as I was growing up. You guys remember the wood phase right?.

I am not complaining, as that is exactly what made this experience different. Its a constant reminder that we are actually in a yacht/Cruise and not any standard hotel.

The bathroom was neat and sufficient, you could tell it was dated as it has a very clinical feel to it. White tiled shower, white walls, white sink.

The reality is , its neat, it’s functional and it works! Yes its dated as for me it worked. Be wary of that as you book, as I know for some people this could be off-putting.

Facilities inside the Hotel

The Yacht hotel offers a ‘Sundown Bar‘ which is just behind the reception area. Drinks and snacks are served here.

We didn’t go in, as i had to catch up with ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get me out of here’. Yes! I am a bit like that!

There is also a ‘Land End Restaurant’, Food is served throughout the day.


Breakfast was included in our stay and was at the ‘Land’s End Restaurant’. As with most hotels that offer breakfast, it was self served.

However one difference with the breakfast is that it is served warm and put on our table for us.

Sabina went for the full English Vegetarian breakfast and I went for the pancakes.

This was made at the back in the kitchen and placed on our table. Piping hot.

This really helped as we were not waiting around too much, or queuing up. The only reason we had to get up is to get our hot or cold drinks and pick up a croissant or two.


The Sunborn Yacht hotel is a fair distance away from Central London. It’s not ideal if you want to spend the day in central London at all.

However if you are planning to go to the O2 and in and around the Greenwich area of London then it’s perfect.

To get to the O2 you can tube it or jump onto the Emirates cable cars which is just a walk away. It just heightens (pun intended) the whole experience of staying here. (For more details on Cable cars click here) and you get to see your own yacht hotel from the top.

Click here for Up at the O2- All you need to know.

My Experience

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the Sunborn Yacht Hotel, its definitely a different experience in the Capitol of London. Onboard you do feel a slight floating feeling, I don’t know whether that was a psychological, or if their was slight movement.

What made it more magical is every window you look out of, you see the river all around, and that just reminds you of where you are ( and can be quiet dizzi-ing at times)

This was actually a treat for me for my Birthday from Sabina. A stay at the Yacht hotel for 2 people can range between £150- £250 for the night.

You will sometimes find it on Wowcher at a discounted price. Our stay included breakfast.

Afternoon Tea at the Yacht hotel is for £35 per person. But once again always look out for offers as they do crop up now and again.

Click For more information on the Sunborn Yacht hotel

Click here for The Sunborn Yacht Hotel Instagram page.

Have you been on the Sunborn Yacht Hotel?

How did you find it ?

Any other recommendations of Hotels around the Greenwich area?

Hope you enjoyed this review: Here’s a review of Malmaison- a Chic hotel in London.

Love and regards


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