A “SUPER KING” Bedroom Change….

I really don’t know how this happened but apparently we needed a new bed?! Yes you heard me right, the hubby who is now well into the age of 40- and definately loosing his marbles- (Is it a mid life crisis?) decided we needed a new bed……just like how I decide I need new shoes, or a new bag……well he needed a new Bed….(*throws hand up in air whilst rolling the eyes* its a skill. wink wink)

…..and so for weeks on end we went bed-hunting….. I wasnt quite sure whether he was being serious or not, maybe a phase mid-life crisis men go through? I mean who wakes up one morning and decide’s they need a new Bed?…. especially when there is nothing wrong with the old one? (It’s not even old. We have had it for 5 years only)


The old man has never shown any interest in the furniture before. (He is so killing me for calling him old man!) The only interest I got is when I bought the pink Ted Baker Bedding and Pillows for my current bedroom- and that was just a ‘raise of an eyebrow’. That’s all I got… a ‘raise of an eyebrow’ and once he was comfortable inside the duvet- he no longer saw pink. He slept.

Ted Baker Bedding

So going back to the topic. Yes. We needed a bed…….. so weekends were spent in Dreams (read about our matress searching adventure here), Next, Benson Beds, and anywhere and everywhere we could find beds…..

Currently we had a double bed and we jumped from this to a Super King (obviously after measuring and remeasuring the room size)…. I mean we are getting a bed- might aswell go all out right? he obviously is in some kind of mood, those kinda days dont come too often……. and Oh is it heaven when we sleep at night with a 70cm gap between us….. Hold on….hmmmmm,  is that why he wanted a new bed? ……The Space? Is he trying to tell me something?hmmmm….I feel a domestic coming up!

The Look

As mentioned we went for a Super King bed, and then I wanted a Oversized Headboard- I have always wanted a oversized headboard- when we moved in to our home 6 years ago, I wanted it at that time, but it was quite on the pricey side and because we were on a budget, it just was not feesible….. but Thanks to the hubbies bizzare needs….. Obviously I got my headboard, whilst making him think he wanted it, Its a superpower us women have right?


The hubby wanted a Ottoman bed- I dont know what for? but apparently he has loads of junk (he really doesnt, he has loads of clothes and shoes- but he is not a junk man) but hey once again- thats a bonus for me- I have loads of junk…. urm… maybe he is indirectly telling me? hmmmmm….. sometimes its good to write things up…. it gets you thinking… definate domestic coming up.

I dont know if you figured it yet- but im a minimilist, when it comes to my home, The Furniture and the colours I have and go for are very minimal. I like things behind closed doors, and just the basics that are needed out on display if they look pretty enough.

So my bedroom just has a bed, side table, a vanity table and a Tv. Thats all. I cannot deal with clutter.

….and here is how it looked before and how it looks now:


Before and After of the Bedroom change (because the bed is so much more bigger I had to take a picture from the ceiling in second picture- therefore the angle difference)

and now?….well I stuck to the grey because…. well we were just getting a bed, not a makeover…. that wasn’t the plan…., we stuck to grey because of the wallpaper at the back and the carpet….. and also Grey is life….and my whole house is grey. Whats not to Love about Grey?

As mentioned before I am a minimalist- yet I do love my little bits a pieces- just really little, minute essentials really:

Bedside Lamp– This beauty is a dimmer touch lamp- its minimal yet effective- I had this in my old bedroom and its here to stay. (i told you we just changing the bed). Dimmer light can be found in Next.

cooper dimmer light from next


Vase, Frame – I need one right? One is less and more than enough for me. This is my favourite because its a gift, and its grey!! I love all things grey. Grey has my heart. I am not really a flowers type of girl- so these from h&m home give the perfect finish- especially because the colour goes well with the furniture.

The Furniture– we were just getting a new bed and then the postman delivered the bedside table and chest drawer- I swear it wasnt me, he delivered it….. I just choose it and  paid for it. Not my fault…….well I decided on a break from the 50 Shades of Grey and put my soul onto a luxary brown instead. Ok so im not into the quirky, bright stuff, but aint it beautiful? and Rich? Ofcourse it is! it took me 3 hours to build, it has to be!

Chest Drawers and Bedside Tables from Very.co.uk

Footstool– Ok so had a bit of problem with this, and a little tantrum, because well we have our tantrums when it comes to our houses right?….. I didnt like the matching footstool with the bed…….. It looked too Uniform…… but I also got over it because I placed my old footstool back and it looked far better- more texture added for sure, so we kept that one….. and the new one? well that now sits in my walk-in-wardrobe and a great place to do my photo ops! 

Old Footstool is from Made

Baskets– i loved these when i put my eyes on them…. ‘its my belly baskets’– In grey and brown- something to combine both the colours and textures in my room. I filled them up with blankets and make it look overfilled, looks gorgeous right?……


Colour- and lastly a pop off colour because it was looking too 50 shades for my liking, at the moment i settled for yellow because i have these in the house (as us women do, hundreads of pillows scattered everywhere) and like i mentioned we only wanted a Bed! Maybe ill be switching to a different colour later- thats the flexibility ive kept open…. The perfect finish, dont you think?



…..kind of….. I just need…. or should I say want a Full Length Leaner Mirror and I want a nice tripod floor lamp…. does it ever end? ever? ever people?  (*breathes out*)

And all because the Old Man wanted a bed! It starts with a bed….. ends up with a new room…..hmmm….. hoping he wants new car next. I could do with that.  *fingers crossed*

Love and Regards



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