Malmaison Hotel London, A Chic Hotel For your next Trip


Yo! 19 Years done, Forever to go! hehe. Its our Anniversary…..

….and so what does 19 years mean, it means a trip to London Baby! (say it like Joey in Friends) and to do what I like to do best…..tubing, tea stops, shopping, wining and dining…… All the things the hubby doesn’t like…. its MY anniversary for keeping him for 19 years, well deserved , don’t you think?

So where did we go?…… First stop…..

Malmaison Hotel London

The Malmaison Hotel London

Our stay for the night, in this cosy and chic hotel in Barbican. The Malmaison Hotel London was the perfect spot! Away from the hub hub and touristy madness of London, it sits on a private road overlooking beautiful gardens…… oh and this time we decided on no breakfast because we all know by now….. breakfast is no longer as it was thanks to Covid.

The malmaison Hotel London double bed suite

The Rooms in the Malmaison Hotel London are beautiful, spacious and so chic, and the view even better. It was an eerie experience though since the bar and lounge area were all closed due to Covid, we felt like we were the only ones inside the Hotel. Also it takes the magic out of Hotel stay as we had nowhere to go apart from our room…..

chic decor at the malmaison Hotel london
Chic decor at Malmaison London

But the room was gorgeous, from the oversized super king bed, to the quirky wallpaper, the chic lounger chair, and the oversized floor lamp (taking down notes for my bedroom makeover)

The Malmaison Hotel London reception area
Reception at Malmaison

(Covid guidelines- masks to be worn on entrance to hotel- until you reach the room, also they expect you to have the NHS app and Track and Trace your stay.)

After dropping off our night bags we headed off to the tube station- second home to me (hehe), but a new experience for the hubby- who always uses the comfort of a car…. I swear he didn’t have any trust in me when I told him where we needed to go as he would always find a rail assitant to double check! hmmm…. not a good thing to do on our Anniversary mate. (*rolls eyes**)

After Malmaison Hotel London comes…..Chinatown

Ive been past Chinatown but never through it, so this was a definate to do today. London is really surreal in Covid times, the streets look empty, and everyone from the tubes to the streets are cautious. Chinatown on the other hand was beautiful.

Bustling with bright colours showcasing chinese culture, it is the hub for the chinese community of London. Rows of Rows and ethnic shops, all similer yet different, it gives off an exotic feel. (The nearest underground stations to get to Chinatown are Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus.)

We have a tradition on our anniversary, I dont know where it stemmed from, but its the one thing that always crops up every anniversary and its ‘Pedicure time’….. bizzarre right? but its a tradition for us, and what better place too look for a pedicure place, than Chinatown?

It was quite cool- we were given luxary leather seats to sit on, and herbaly fragranced water to dip our feets into.

45 minutes later we had feet that babies would be jealous off, and we walked out with our new cushioned feet….

Leicester Square

You would think that after all my London trips I would know not to wear heels…. course I do! duh! …. but I still wore heels (**rolls eyes**) after a bit of strolling, I could stroll no more-blisters on the front and back, and I was walking like a penguin, luckily we found a TK Maxx and popped in.

Tk Maxx can either be a chest of jewels or an empty chest- today it was an empty one for sure- but I picked up a pair of slippers for £8… not something I would usually go for- but will definitely come in handy as kitchen shoes, for the time being my kitchen shoes will do for London…

We walked through and past Leicester Square. Once again Leicester square is not as it was, 3/4 of the public missing, it did not feel like London…..we listened to the entertainrs, stopped for a cuppa, and strolled in and out of stores, a luxary we dont often get at home because of demands of daily lives,

….evening meal means PF Changs, because you cant go wrong with it can you? if London is empty- PF Changs is damn busy! all the public is in here…….. For starters, we went for ‘The Original Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps’ I mean wouldn’t you? we filled ourselves with noodles, prawns and rice…….. Absolutely delicious and then…… Well Boris has shut down the whole of UK at 10. We had no where to go but back to out hotel room…..I mean its good its our anniversary…. but 10? I felt like a grounded school child….Lucky for us The Malmaison is a ‘home away from home’……..Oh and we took an Uber back because the hubby dearest was done with tubing. I give him credit- he lasted longer than I thought he would….

Feya Cafe

Next day…. we headed off towards Harrods…. on the Tube! yay! and for breakfast at this pretty place ….. Feya Cafe, read all about it here,

With bellies full, we strolled and window shopped to the hearts content, picked up a few goodies for the kiddos at home, and shopped a little more…..


Our day ended at Burgeri a Doha based burger joint. After all that strolling, a burger is definately needed. Burgeri has to be my quick grub stop whilst in London, I absolutely love it here. the food so filling, and delicious, and the prices so competitive for a London market.

….. and then we decided to go home…. we were missing the kiddos, we didnt miss them so much when they were younger, now we feel guilty leaving them behind.

So we went home early, grabbed a takeout and watched movies with the kiddos. Possibly the best part of the whole trip. (We are getting old). And the perfect end to our 19 years. Priceless.

Love and Regards


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