A Couple of hours in Lisbon


When Mama Bear asked if id take her to Lisbon again, I kinda jumped a little, and after I asked Afsha if she would come, and she said ‘yes’ the jump turned into a little dance too.

It was actually for a wedding, but you know how it is, we knew we would take any chance we got to do a little exploring.

Once again we stayed in Odivelas. Here’s a little of what I got up to with Mama bear on the last visit. This visit would be different, I knew that, I had my travel partner with me.

And different it definitely was, but not as I imagined. Different because I got a case of food poisoning, and so missed the wedding and also was stuck in bed.

The day before departing however, it had to be done, I was not going back without a little touring right? and Afsha promised she would pick me up if I dropped. So with that chance, off we went.

First Stop

Santa Luzia Viewpoint.

Obviously we had a list, and the plan was to get to whatever places we could in the few hours we had. First stop was Santa Luzia Viewpoint, because I needed ‘The Pic’

This is a popular observation deck with a pergola and it gives the best views of Lisbon and the Tagus river. It is known to be the city’s most romantic spots, with landscaped gardens around, which takes us away from the hustling bustling of Lisbon city itself.

Did I get the Pic? Of course I Did. Was it scary, Of course it was. Was it Worth it? Absolutely!

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From here we decided to walk it down to

Santa Justa Lift (Elevador de Justa Santa)

Originally this was  a form of public transport for the locals who needed to get from the lower levels of Lisbon to the Upper levels. Today it a tourist attraction.

Why is it a tourist attraction, well firstly because it was constructed by a dude who was in love with the Eiffel Tower, and you can tell from the colour down to its design the inspiration. It is a vision on sight with its Gothic vibes. (I wouldn’t go on this alone).

Secondly it sits between the city centre, in between shops and almost out of place. A Juxtoposition between the old Lisbon and new. 

The cost to go up and down is around the £5 mark- but due to rain it was not working for the day. (yes! we got stuck with rain) but we managed to get the pictures in. As you do.

Whilst taking a million or so photos, we met a dude who advised us of a way to get round to the top, without the need of the lift, and Yipee we got up.

The view from up here was absolutely stunning too.

Just outside the Lift was a small café selling Pastel de Bacalhau with oozing cheese inside. The rain helped us decide to pop in.  The café was cute with windows staring out at Lisbon below, but also appropriate in its decoration with mechanics inside reflecting the mechanics of the Lift.

And the Bachalau was just spot on to.

Just Outside the Lift sits

Carmo Convent

This was on our list- but we didn’t have a clue until after we walked past it. Carmo Convent, once a convent now a museum. The convent is one of the main remaining ruins standing after 1755 earthquake. The museum has quite a few historical pieces and Gothic style art to capture.

Admission is 5 euros. This was on our list, but with only a couple of hours and a long bucket list, we decided one photo outside the door is sufficient.

Next up

Pink Street (Rua -de- Rosa)

This is the hottest nightlife area in Lisbon, obviously we went in the day time- no haraam sheesh kebabs going on here. We just want a pretty picture with the umbrellas, which we got. Thank you Afsha and off we went.

Bica Funicular (Elvador Bica)

You’ve seen this already haven’t you? all over Instagram. it is the most Instagrammable picture of Lisbon. This very unique railway line goes up a steep hill, and you get to go past beautiful little shops, and colourful houses.

Its a painfully slow but beautiful ride. A ride on the Bica funiculer is 3.80 euros. you can book it in advance, but we waited in the queue as it wasn’t too long anyway.

Now to get back down. Well we decided we needed to get to Belem, and we did something all tired and restless tourists do.

We caught an Uber.

Jeromimos Monastery

The most visited sight and Area in Lisbon. This is a must visit. The Gothic architecture and the radiant light the monastery exudes takes your breath away. Its not enough in pictures.

Entrance to the monastery is 10 euros per person. Once again we were restricted in time, and decided on keeping the visits for another time.

The area outside the monastery with the gardens and fountains are also a must see. Usually its bursting with tourist and vendors, but on a cold February day, it was quite and serene.

Belem Tower

Right with all trips there’s always one thing that goes wrong right? And this was ours. ‘Google Chacha’ told us that the Belem tower was a 15 minute walk away and was taking us up pedestrian routes. We decided we knew better than ‘Google Chacha’ as we could see it right in front of us.

Lesson to learn guys. Always listen to ‘Google Chacha’. we came to the end of a port and still got no further to Belem Tower. Here’s a picture I took regardless.

At this point we gave up. Cold and tired- Belem Tower will have to be for another trip too.

Pasteis de Belem

Its not a trip to Lisbon without visiting Pasteis de Belem

We had the natas and the bachalau and without a shadow of a doubt this was the perfect ending to our few hours in Lisbon.

And now to head back home, dragging a very tired Mamabear with us. She is ready to go again. And so the adventure continues…

Have you been to Lisbon? What would you recommend for our next visit?

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Love and regards

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