7 Days at the Sura Hagia Sophia Hotel in Istanbul


Well a little story goes behind our stay here, and you guys know I love my stories, so obviously I’m going to share with you.

We booked this little sweet treat literally 12 hours before our flight. Yes! WE did that. (*rolls eyes*)

Not because we didn’t have a room booked- we did, we were booked in at a Crowne Plaza somewhere near the Grand Bazaar, and we were happy with that up until a day before flying.

I mean who does that? We do. We do that people. We are a little nuts like that, and if we don’t get a hiccup here and there then its not a trip for us.

Well what happened? You ask me?

Well- you remember our last trip where we ended up at the Great Fortune Hotel? Yes? No? Well either way Here it is. We had a de ja vu effect and started panicking.

We had 7 days here in Istanbul whilst we are fasting. There is no way in the world we would survive in the Great Fortune for 7 days and we thought what if the Crowne Plaza is similar? Pictures can be deceiving.

Anxiety kicked in, stomachs churning, obviously lack of food and energy because it was Ramadhan wasn’t helping either.

But the best decisions are made on a empty stomach.


And it was so good- I had to give it a blog post of its own.

We booked in the Sura Hagia Sophia hotel and the rest is history

Never again will we be going anywhere else unless obviously its better.

The Sura Hagia Sophia hotel is in Sultanahmet, a mere 3 minute walk away from the Blue mosque and Hagia Sophia. This was very important for us as we had come in Ramadhan and wanted to be close to the mosques for prayer times. This Hotel was so close that even if we left the mosque at Azaan (prayer call) time, we still made it inside the mosques in time

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Lets talk Reception

Receptions are important, reception room give you the feel of the hotel and it did not dissapoint here at all. The lavish seating, the modern interior and colours used, all beautiful. I had a wide smile plastrered on my face


We had 2 rooms booked in, one for us, and one for the boys. we were after a suite but it was not available, do keep in mind we booked this 12 hours before getting there! so that’s our own fault.

The rooms were beautiful, loads of space and beautiful seating.

We also had a balcony- it didnt overlook anything in particuler but it was nice to be able to sit and enjoy the streets and vendors down below.


The perfect size, open and clean, very modern and once again the detailing, all of which make the experience and holiday so much better


Breakfast is offered at the Sura Hagia but we didn’t go for the option as we were fasting.

They did offer us a ‘sehri’ option, but the boys and I were not to keen on the idea, as we didn’t know how our day would go, also being the most fussiest people alive, we wanted the option to decide what we wanted ourselves rather than being tied to the hotel.


We didn’t get round to visiting the spa and pool area, firstly because it was raining the first 4 days, secondly whilst fasting we didn’t know whether it’d be right to consume our energy in this way and thirdly Istanbul has so much going on , do we really want t be spending time in the pool?

But here’s a photo from the www.



Details are so important to me, and this place hit all the right spots.

Prices fluctuate on this hotel daily on booking.com. so keep an eye out and pick up when its suitable for you.

Ill just be honest in saying this- if I go Istanbul again. This would be it, hopefully I can make use of the pool, and breakfast too.

Have you stayed at Sura Hagia Hotel? What was your experience

Click here for Sura Hotel Instagram page

Would you recommend any other hotel here?

Love and regards


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