50 shades of Red Or maybe just my Top 5 Red Lipsticks


There’s something about Bold red lipsticks that speaks volumes. I know that there’s all this hype that only certain red shades suit certain skin tones, but honestly……. blah blah- I don’t think I’ve ever seen a red lip that didn’t look right, and because of that I say. Wear Red!

I love a Red lip- it oozes confidence, it level- ups your make-up game, A Bold red lip can dress you up on the worst of your days. Whether you wear your tiny black number or a pair of joggers- that red lip will heighten the overall look and finish.

There is no other more timeless piece of makeup than the Red Lipstick- its never in Fashion, it never goes out of fashion. It is always just there! It never looks wrong, fit for all year season wear.

A Timeless, classic, Iconic, Elegance. The Red Lip.

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And here are my 50 shades of Red- or maybe just my Top 5 red lipsticks for the time being

Mac -Ruby Woo

I know you guessed this one -this one is usually in everyone’s top Red Lipsticks list, it comes as a blue-y red shade ( great to distract the yellow off the teeth) and it has a creamy texture so glides onto the lips. It has lip enhancing features so work perfectly with my barely there lips.

Rouge Dior- Icone 720

I mean Dior just know how to make anything look attractive right? and the feel of this lipstick in the hand just feels magical.

The texture on the lipstick looks velvet- like it shouldn’t actually be a solid lipstick- its fabric it should fall off. This one could possibly be my favourite lipstick, it applies on the lips exactly like a velvet softness, and it keeps the lips hydrated for hours, and finishes with a beautiful sheen.

Rouge Dior- Concorde 846

Described as a ‘blue toned cherry red’ which once again rings so many bells for me. Happy bells. We all know a blue toned lipstick hides the yellowness of the teeth (something I’m really struggling with).

And the imprint ‘Dior’ on the actual lipstick- always always always gets me. (*blushes and gushes*)

Primark. Ps Lipstick in Matte- Heatwave

Its not only high end lipstick that are good at the game, I found this one in Primark and I had to give it a go. And so I did and I’m glad I did. Its another winner.

I love that the shade of the lipstick is shown on the outside in the whole packaging, you can pretty much pick up the one you want straight away. Compared to the others I wont lie-the application is harder, its not a simple stroke that you need, but rather a firm press.

In terms of longevity- it also lacks- but for someone like me who always has a cup of tea in my hand- I find that I have to constantly reapply anyway. So regardless of which one I wear, I’m constantly reapplying

YSL- Rouge Pur Couture

These big brands really do know how to get the other packaging right don’t they? And YSL Did just that here.

This lipstick has a semi- opaque finish on application- and glides on smoothly on one application- to add more depth and colour you have to reapply.

The lipstick is creamy and moisturising, and lasts for more than half a day (providing your not eating or drinking much). It has a lovely faint rosy scent to it- which is nice- if you don’t constantly lick your lips.

Its extremely light wearing- so you end up wondering if its still on, and it has a healthy glow to it too.

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And that’s my top 5 red Lipsticks. Do you use any of them? What are your favourite brands/ Shades?

Love and regards


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