40 Lessons I have learnt at 40


I’m quite naïve, actually I am very naïve. Most people have a epiphany in their late 20’s even early 30’s. Me ? It took me 40 friggin years to get to where I am.

Am I proud of it? Absolutely. Yes! The best of people got the best parts of me in those 40 years. And the worst of people got the best parts of me in those 40 years, and that’s something you can never take away from me.

I am not going to make this long, 40 lessons is long enough without the extended commentary in between.

So I will just get straight into it:

40 Lessons I have learnt at 40:

  1. You are responsible for your emotional reactions. Use it wisely.
  2. Don’t expect honesty from people who lie to themselves.
  3. Sometimes closure will not give you the Peace you need.
  4. Feeling sad about a decision doesn’t mean it is wrong.
  5. Trust your gut instinct. Most cases it is right.
  6. Water your own grass, so you don’t have to look over the fence.
  7. You do not need closure. Move on. They did.
  8. Learn to Love yourself, because no one can love YOU like yourself.
  9. Age is just a number, Don’t let it define you.
  10. Be the best version of yourself, regardless of who lets you down.
  11. Stop being so understanding. You will only get abused.
  12. What others think of you is none of your business.
  13. Always be honest and truthful. You will win in the end.
  14. Forgive the person you were. She did the best she could at that time.
  15. If you are wrong, apologise sincerely but…
  16. …Don’t apologise for things you haven’t done in the name of ‘Peace’.
  17. Don’t look back- you are not going that way.
  18. Obstacles are Opportunities in disguise.
  19. Listen. But never loose your own Voice.
  20. Boundaries. Boundaries. Boundaries.
  21. If people don’t respect your boundaries. You don’t need them either.
  22. Kill them with kindness.
  23. Stay away from people who act like a victim in the story they created.
  24. If they don’t apologise, they are telling you they will do it again.
  25. Any lesson you refuse to learn will repeat until you do.
  26. You will always win if you move with love and kindness.
  27. Spend time with people who are good for your mental health.
  28. Forgive but Never Forget
  29. Don’t force yourself to fit somewhere you don’t belong.
  30. If you are serious about changing your life, You Will. If not, you will find excuses.
  31. Watch what they do, not what they Say.
  32. A loss sometimes is the biggest blessing you never knew you needed.
  33. People will lie to make you look bad, because they know the truth will kill them.
  34. When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.
  35. Distance is the best answer to Disrespect.
  36. Never re-friend someone who has tried to destroy you. A snake only sheds its skin to become a bigger snake.
  37. ‘When a thing disturbs your heart, give it up’ (Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W).
  38. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.
  39. If they wanted to, they will.
  40. and my favourite ‘Honesty is an expensive gift, don’t expect it from Cheap people.’

And their you go, Yes some things are on repeat, but that’s more for me then for you. Sometimes I need someone to keep picking on me, until I get it.

Which ones are your favourite? Which ones have worked for you , and which ones haven’t.

What would you add to the list?

Would love to know your thoughts.

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Love and Regards

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