10 Tips on Getting a Good Night’s Sleep


Alongside Diet and Exercise- Sleep is the third factor which needs to be looked into for good health.

A good night’s sleep ensures that you are physically and mentally ready for the day.

Rather then toss and turn every night- try and implement the following quick tips into your daily life to achieve a good nights sleep:

1. Routine

Having a fixed sleeping /wake routine is very important. Try and fix a routine for yourself where you try to sleep at a certain time, and also wake up at a certain time. Your body will then adapt to this routine.

2. Natural Light

Try and get yourself into natural light as soon as possible in morning. Natural lighting allows the body to throw off it’s grogginess and become more ‘awake’ and alert. If you do struggle to wake up in mornings, the SAD Led lights are really good. They give off a light which mimics outdoor natural light, which helps in the waking up process.

3. Exercise

Exercise is important in the quality of your sleep. If your body is tired- you will automatically sleep better. Try and fit in exercise into your day no matter how small a time or mundane it may feel.

4. Caffeine

Avoid teas/ coffees and beverages with caffeine before sleep time. Leave atleast 2 hours before to ensure the caffeine doesn’t interfere with your sleep.

5. Unplug and unwind

Phones, tablets, TV should all be avoided. This will keep your brain free, and allow you to sleep in peace. Also all lighting should be switched off, or consider a eye mask if all lighting cannot be switched off.

6. Temperature

Room temperature is important in ensuring a good night sleep. Make sure the room is not too hot or too cold. The room needs to be at a slight cool temperature for the best sleep.

7. Avoid late night snacks

Having a large meal before sleeping, can disturb your sleeping pattern and affects the hormones. Try and stay away from late night snacks as much as possible.

8. Warm Bath or Shower

A warm bath or shower before sleeping allows the body to relax. If you don’t want to go into the bath- a foot bath before bed will also allow body to relax.

9. Bed, Pillow and Mattress

Having a comfortable bed, pillow and mattress is the most important thing, it reduces the aches and pains and body stiffness. If your going to be sleeping in the same bed for the next couple of years. It’s best to invest in it wisely.

10. Reduce Liquid Intake

Consuming liquids just before sleeping may affect your sleep as you will have to get up to urinate in middle of night. This in turn will affect you as you may struggle to go back to sleep. Also use the bathroom before bed, so once again trying to stop the sleep interference.

Hope the tips work for you ( all things void if your suffering from toothache. ((Yup. I’m still aching)).

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